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Our client, Hames Corporation in Sitka, AK, came to us needing marketing help for their new business, Alaska Adventures Unlimited (AAU). AAU was founded in 1982, and acquired by the Hames Corporation in 2015. The company runs three charter fishing boats from May through August, with the goal of having four people on every boat every day.

AAU competes with several fishing charter companies in Sitka. AAU sets themselves apart from the competition first by their longevity in town, both the business and its owners; second, by being in town, allowing guests to dine locally and have a free schedule; and last, by being eco-friendly. They are truly the best experience for the independent traveler. They work towards providing exceptional service which is evident by visitors returning year after year, making up for about half of the next season’s clients.

The Ask:

• Fill 700 spots on the boats by May 1, 2017!


We needed to move quickly to get up to speed on the competitors and what sets our client apart. With an initial meeting in September and a goal to fill 700 spots in six months, we had no time to lose. AAU chose to move forward with the digital campaign we recommended, with step 1 being a refresh to their website and an update to the platform. We wanted to create a website that was easy to navigate, user friendly, provided enough information for potential clients to plan their vacations, and ultimately, got people to pick up the phone and book their trip.

With the amount of happy clients AAU has every year, this website quickly became a resource for them and their friends and family, provided intrigue, and motivated them to book. It was informative, clear and concise, and it worked. With a short time period, we quickly launched a Google AdWords campaign to reach potential new clients that may have not heard of AAU.


The website launched in February 2017, and in just two months over 5,000 people visited the site, with most viewing several pages. With a strong Google AdWords effort, there were 183,500 impressions in the first month and over 3,000 clicks to the site. Our target audience was clearly defined so we were able to keep the average cost per click at $.03.

As of mid-April, almost their entire season is booked and they are looking onward to planning for the 2018 season.