Rohrer Manufacturing

Aggressive Digital Marketing


For the past twenty four years, we have incorporated TV and print advertising, tradeshow support, and online marketing. In addition, we utilized public relations to introduce new product lines as Rohrer Manufacturing expanded. As opportunities in the advertising world change, so has the strategy to reach rural Americans!


As a higher price point product with a very specific niche audience, the brand needed to create a feeling of trust and authority before asking the consumer to purchase. Utilizing Facebook, Google and Email automation we created an omnipresence feeling for potential customers, introducing the brand through video ads and staying present using various video content focusing on product benefits and testimonials.


– Finding the Right Market & Message
– Engaging Video & Creative
– Sell to an engaged audience
– Captures audiences with an intent to purchase
– Use email automation to improve conversion


Increasing annual sales over 70%, record breaking monthly sales, and leading to the largest annual sales in the company’s history.