Saxon's Fine Jewelers

TV, Print, Outdoor, and Social Media


Millennials are re-writing many rules, and jewelry shopping and engagements are no exception. They don’t follow a linear path to life’s milestones like generations before them. So, reaching millennials at the right time with the right tone is paramount for brands, especially a mature, high-end, Bend brand like Saxon’s Fine Jewelers. Already well known among older generations, Saxon’s knew it needed to work hard to resonate with millennials and make their brand more approachable with campaign messaging and visuals developed specifically for the younger demo.


Millennials want/need meaning in everything, especially their jewelry. They want to know the story behind their jewelry. They want authenticity and to not be defined by the pieces they were, but believe they define and enhance the product or brand they choose. Finally, engagement is their gateway to fine jewelry purchases, so building a relationship with this generation at the time of their engagements is extremely important to jewelry brands.


Become approachable to millennial audiences by shooting (video and still photography) real millennials in the Bend area living their everyday Central Oregon lives while wearing not so everyday jewelry from Saxon’s. We needed to position Saxon’s as not your mother’s (or grandmother’s) jewelry store, but your (millennials) store. Saxon’s understands millennials, and knows they don’t settle for status quo, and that their life is an adventure—and their jewelry should fit naturally into that adventure. Saxon’s knows millennials aren’t into stuff, but into experiences, and that their jewelry should be a part of every experience. Every Idea introduced the “Jewelry for your next adventure” campaign that showcases the casual Central Oregon millennial lifestyle juxtaposed with jewelry that is anything but ordinary and casual. Life is an adventure, full of meaningful moments that deserve to be celebrated, and they are in the “adventure” campaign.


The campaign not only resonated with millennials who saw the messaging via TV, print, outdoor, and social media, but with an older aspirational audience who bought several pieces featured in campaign visuals. Because of the campaign, Saxon’s is seen as a much more approachable brand to this younger, critical audience, and is building relations with them for years to come.

Beautiful commercial and social media spots, highlighting jewelry for your next adventure together in Central Oregon. The commercial spot was during the 2016 Summer Olympics as a local commercial in Bend, Oregon. Every Idea Marketing branded the new campaign, directed the commercial, chose models and did costume. Special thanks to the talented team at The NW Collective for filming and putting together this amazing spot and a shout out to the amazing Kate Tuma Make-Up Artistry for make-up!