I don’t remember where I got this, but it reinforces that you always need to keep that ‘we can do anything’ attitude… especially when brainstorming.

When brainstorming, there is only one thing to remember:  THERE ARE NO BAD IDEAS.

Following are some un-thinking words that can squash the brainstorming process.

“We’ve never done that before.”

“That won’t work.”

“The client will hate it.”

“Too modern.” or “Too old-fashioned.”

“We don’t have the budget for that.”

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

“What nimrod thought that up?”

“Let’s sleep on it.”

“That’s not our job.”

“It’s not in the plan.”

“There’s not enough time.”

“Don’t rock the boat.”

“What does the client think?”

“Did the research department suggest that?”