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Insta – what?

Social media has been setting trends in marketing over recent years. Last year, visual marketing became the buzzword driving the marketing plans for many businesses. You may have wondered what your options were and why these new content drivers were important. Today we are digging into some of the basics of Instagram for what to [...]
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I’m confused – what’s this social media thing all about and how can it help my business?

As a small advertising agency in Bend, Oregon, we’ve heard it many times before. Small business owners are skeptical about using social media marketing, especially making it a large portion of their marketing budget. But the thing is, it works! You’ve probably heard it works too, but you are still considering the advantages. We’ve done […]

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5 Facebook Tips for Small Business

Make a Plan Don’t jump in head first without a plan or strategy. Determine if you have the time and resources to engage in social media, then map out your objectives and necessary resources to meet those objectives. Commit Once you’ve determined if you have the resources to dedicate to social media, then commit. Delegate […]

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